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Family Tradition | Fenwick Island

One of our family traditions is to head down to the Delaware beach town of Fenwick Island. My husband's family has a cottage near the beach that has been passed down many generations. Fenwick is a charming small town that, even in the throngs of summer, never attracts large crowds. The beach dunes seem to have a magical quality of blocking your day to day worries from joining you as you cross over onto the beach.

Our absolute favorite time of year to visit is in October. The ocean and weather are still mild, but with peak summer season long over and kids back in school, we seem to be the only family on the beach each year. Aside from the occasional fisherman and a few people walking their dogs, it almost becomes our own private resort. The sound of the waves gently crashing on the shore is joined only by a small chorus of seagulls basking in the autumn sun.

This year as we crossed the dunes and walked toward the water, we were greeted with an unexpected tide pool. Less than one foot of water stretching the length of the beach, it was perfect for our two small children. The tide pool, combined with the bright, sunny day provided endless entertainment for the kids. We were also joined by the obligatory fisherman, who during the few hours we were on the beach caught a shark and some small bluefish, much to the entertainment of the kids. The children chased one another around, played with beach toys, searched for sand crabs and splashed in the water. It was another beautiful Fenwick outing for our family. Fortunately I brought my camera along and was able to capture the memories.

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