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Day in the Life | Newborn Session | Ellie

I met Hugo and Elaine, along with their newborn on a beautiful autumn afternoon in their Manhattan apartment. Their daughter, Ellie, was just 8 days old. The newfound parents were clearly enchanted by the baby, and undaunted by the sometimes overwhelming responsibility of parenthood, even though they were no doubt getting less sleep, adjusting to a new schedule driven completely by the baby's needs, and all the excitement that comes with rearing a child for the first time. It was also evident in my afternoon session with them that they hadn't lost their sense of humor amidst all of these experiences.

I hope that the pictures have captured this exciting time in their lives and how much love the family has for one another.

I had an incredible time with Hugo, Elaine, and Ellie and am thankful for the opportunity to capture this moment in time for their family. If our session is any indication, they will surely have many years of laughter, joy, and adventure ahead!

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