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A Beautiful December Night

Eight years ago, on a chilly December night, my husband took me on a carriage ride through Central Park. I was wrapped up in blankets he had packed earlier in the day to keep warm. The barren trees had completely shed their leaves so we could see the beautiful Manhattan skyline envelope us in all directions. Normally bustling with activity at any hour, Central Park seemed to be completely still, without another person in sight. The clapping of the horse’s feet was soon joined by the notes of a saxophonist playing ‘What a Wonderful World’. The music seemed to reverberate off the park grounds and through the darkness when suddenly the carriage came to a halt near the musician. It was then that my husband asked me to exit the carriage before proposing to me. My answer was obviously yes, and after we finished our glasses of champagne, the carriage drove off and we left that perfect Central Park painting of our engagement by the Cherry Hill fountain forever.

Even though it was a magical night and a memory that I’ll always cherish, the images have faded in my mind over time. Why? Because we didn’t have anyone to capture the moment through the magical art of photography.

That is why I have such a passion for photography and its power to capture memories for posterity. Every day, we all have beautiful experiences that eventually fade or are completely lost to time. Photographs can be an incredible tool to resurrect lost memories and emotions. It’s an art for which I have always felt a deep connection. It is my hope that with the A Beautiful Sunday project, I’m able to share my passion for this art and help others to never lose those raw and true emotions that are associated with their most powerful and significant life experiences. As a photographer, it is my mission to use photography as a vessel to jar you back in time to awaken the senses tied to your most magical moments.

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